2018 – My Future Interview

A Work in Progress

Interviewer: I am here with Santa Richii who loves to motivate people, especially children to be better people through portraying a Santa-like personality himself. What’s it like being Santa, how have you accomplished everything you have accomplished and what motivates you?

Me: At one time in my life I would have described this feeling as unbelievable. Once I put on the red suit and realized how much fun it was I was hooked. I took a course where I began to analyze, and really think about what I wanted in life. Through taking that course I realized a simple truth that many “gurus” will tell you and that is that thoughts create our reality. I began at first to think, then to believe, then to really know and understand that I could change my life and I began to do it. I am motivated by the hope that I see in everyone, even the most difficult of people to love. They are just people like the rest of us with their own unique flaws that make them special and we have to really remember that God, the universe, or whatever your take on the intelligent design of the universe built a universe in which each and every one of us exists. One of the most challenging things for me to accept was that each of us is here for a reason even the ones who may be more challenging to deal with and when you are going through those challenges you cannot see it. It is only after you have gone through them that you can see it. Diamonds are made under pressure without it they are just coal.

Interviewer: How did you come across this?

Me: Well, as with all things there is a story, and it starts with your thoughts. I knew there had to be more to life than what I was living, how I was living, what I was doing. I knew, really believed, that there had to be a better way so I went seeking it with an earnest desire. I was open to pretty much anything that could help me. What I realized eventually is that what I was seeking I had all along and that the “how” was not as important as the “what”. I am speaking here about the difference between wants and my beliefs, causes, and effects. Most people look to change the effects without even considering the cause. You can be only to the extent that you are and what you think determines what you are.

What I was thinking daily, as small a thing as that might be, was most important. It was in constant repetition, and a daily commitment to, focusing with dedication toward a definite major purpose. I had tried to change my results to the point I nearly just accepted my situation. As crazy as it sounds I was resisting, really strongly resisting, and I had no explanation why I didn’t even realize I was doing it or how much I was.

It turns out anyone can obtain what they desire but they have to realize it is the simplest concept to recognize and yet the hardest thing to realize and actually commit to doing but it is all around us. I see it so clearly now a theme from of my inspirations Wayne Dyer titled in of his books “I can see clearly now” I began finding this hidden message pretty much everywhere. Everyone’s real power comes from within, looking within, believing in yourself, and taking action. Without self-confidence, determination, and persistent continuous action towards obtaining your goals you may as well not even try.

Interviewer: So you are saying that most people shouldn’t try this?

Me: Not at all, as a matter of fact, everyone really needs to, but surprisingly most won’t. I wish nothing less for everyone to find their inner greatness. More and more I find myself sounding like a spiritual teacher and I have brought it into my life.

You literally become what it is you think about if you want something, anything, then where are you really, where are you truly at? Are you in a place of having a thing or of wanting it? You can’t be in a place of having it because you are focusing on the wanting of that object rather than believing that you can have it.