About Richard

I am both a teacher and a student in this journey called life. I work to make the world a better place helping others by sharing my knowledge learning as I go, and applying that knowledge to the benefit of those around me.

One such learning experience, one of the best I have seen, was our (my wife April and I) journey through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA). Prior to taking the course in 2015 I had already been seeking knowledge through books and improving myself but I found this course to be unlike anything else I had ever seen. It really helped me to focus, a critical skill (lacking more and more in today’s society), on changing things in my life, the things important to me, and to truly appreciate everything, especially the challenges that we often would rather not have to deal with and through that experience I realized this course was something everyone really needs a chance to experience.

Unfortunately, however, while we believe everyone needs the chance to take this amazing course, not everyone WILL, and that’s okay. It is a commitment and one not everyone can complete. But if it does not CHALLENGE you it cannot CHANGE you and this course delivers in a way like nothing else on the planet. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot! Scared? You should be. Not sure if you can do it? Well, imagine where you will be in 6 months if you DO NOT take the course, then imagine where you might be if you DO take and complete the course. It really is that simple. C’mon what have you got to loose?

By signing up to our email list you will get early notification for this amazing 6 month course that only happens once a year (starting in September) and the best part: you cannot buy it at any price. That’s right it is not for sale. The price is the commitment you make to do the work, and if you see the value in the course by seeing it through to the finish then you also get to fund a scholarship for someone else to take the course the following year. That is what my wife and I did, and so now you too can benefit from a FREE scholarship. There’s nothing like giving back and paying it forward.

One of the requirements of the course will be a weekly blog, the good news about that is you can see hundreds to thousands of lives transformed through this amazing program, and I look forward to reading about others personal journey through the course. The blog is also a no cost expense through WordPress.com and I encourage you if you are not already all in to go read other people’s journey in this course by googling these hashtags: #MasterKeyExperience #MKE  #NothingLikeIt

Sign up for notifications with the free gift of the 7 Day Mental Diet because once notices to reserve a spot start they do fill up fast.