Week 14 – Back to society

I am writing this in an effort to catch up with past due blogs for MKMMA as I listen to my wife fight the kids who are fighting bedtime. We had a good time in the mountains as always but it’s also added stress on the parents. Luckily my wife brought along new packs of […]

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Week 13 – Catching Up

We went out of town for Christmas, out of cell phone coverage and out of wifi (except for one very limited connection which is a hike or drive) it is always a nice thing to unplug. We got an elf on the shelf as well from Santa that was left in the cabin we were […]

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Week 12 – I can see clearly now

I am behind with my blog but still plugging along. Last week was a busy one with lots going on at work. What should be a simple code change has several people’s attention after myself and a consultant not having success getting the correct result. All the tests we tried only confuse us more as […]

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Week 11 – Be child like

The start of Week 11 I found myself noticing coincidences one of which that I knew had to be my blog. My two boys while not left unattended long had been let go in our back yard, what we had recently cleaned up, and believed to be a safe place, however, left to their imaginations […]

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