Week 23 – Response Ability

This last month has proven the most challenging for me to keep up with my MKMMA commitments. Maybe as Mark said a lot of people have this issue because they don’t want to believe it is over. I was quite a think for myself person before taking this course but like the persistence of water […]

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Week 21- Down but not out

The last couple weeks have been challenging for our family work life, family life, extended family life, business, and even extended family life throw in 2 birthdays my dad’s and my sons with a trip for him (why we missed the webinar) and another this weekend (going to miss the webinar again tomorrow probably, thank […]

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Master Key Experience – Week 18

Watching the “I AM” movie this week really made me think. It has been a long time since something really made me assess my priorities the way that movie did. I have always wanted to be rich and dreamed of having the good life, this movie really makes you stop and re-assess that priority in […]

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Week 18 – I Am…

We bought and watched I Am several times. Partly because it is hard to watch with kids and partly because there was a lot to it. My wife kept playing it after my initial two or three times. Each time we noticed something more. Very compelling re-evaluation of our perspective and why we have it. […]

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