Master Key Experience – Week 18

Watching the “I AM” movie this week really made me think. It has been a long time since something really made me assess my priorities the way that movie did. I have always wanted to be rich and dreamed of having the good life, this movie really makes you stop and re-assess that priority in your life. Do I really NEED to be rich? I have never been wealthy but I have always had what I need in life. While I still want out of the modern day slavery of the daily grind and would like to own my own life and have nice things I think I have a new perspective. I had a few flashes previous to watching this movie that made me realize that I am already wealthy in many ways and that my life is already pretty darn perfect. All of my needs are met, I enjoy the relative comfort and luxuries of living in modern society and my children, my husband and myself are all healthy. While I do have desires of living the good life, taking vacations and spending more time with my kids, I honestly do not have any real problems in my life. These thoughts and feeling grateful and appreciative of my situation and all I have has given me a peace that I have not had since I was a small child. I realize that everything I need is already here. Watching the “I AM” movie shifted something deeper though. For the first time I questioned how much is enough. In our society it is implied that we should try to get as much as we can. We are shown from a very young age that we should want stuff and more stuff and more stuff. As I progress in this MKMMA class I realize that not only do I already have a ton of stuff, I have more that I actually need. In fact I do not fully appreciate  or fully utilize the stuff I have. I am starting to really understand that there is a higher cost to owning stuff than just the purchase price. When I look around my home I have begun to realize that I already am wealthy. While this is not the version of wealthy I had in my head when I started this course it doesn’t make much difference. All this time I did not even realize how fortunate I am. As I look around at my peers who live in nice homes and drive nice cars I am caught off guard by how unhappy and dissatisfied people are. The fact is most of us in this situation have no real problems. Having no real problems then becomes a point of dissatisfaction, the mind needs problems to solve. So, having no real problems we invent them to stimulate our minds. We imagine for ourselves problems that do not even exist and exaggerate the small problems we do have. I feel like I have found the secret to happiness… a secret that is buried deep in plain sight… I just have to appreciate what I already have and even appreciate the problems and stress in my life. When I realize this I know that while I would enjoy having more I could be just as happy with even less than I have now. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at really do change.

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marilynrholloway - February 9, 2016

Yes! Thank you for expressing this so well.

masterkeysaras - February 9, 2016

Beautifully written. I am really excited to watch this movie this week!

masterkeymartin - February 13, 2016

Awesome post April. You have made so many points, I will need to re-read a couple of times Talk about a reality check. Wonderful insight regarding the creation of problems. I have never seen it like that.

masterkey.dowcoachingworks - February 19, 2016

What a beautiful discovery. You have had this life all along. It is just the cement Buddha that has clouded our vision. We have enough! We are enough!

masterkeysheilae - February 29, 2016

Nice to have you blogging again. I am glad that you are finding the joy that you have around you and within you. You are so right that we exaggerate what is wrong. As Og says, Live this day as if it is your last. Live in today. You got this.


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