Week 1 Master Key – Starting My MKMMA Journey

Today I begin a new life. This is the key takeaway from the first scroll and symbolizes the first week of joining MKMMA. Although I have played around with meditation and have read at least 50 self development books over the years I can already tell that this is much different from simply reading a book. The repetitive daily readings (3 times daily for one of the chapters) is akin to brainwashing. You can literally feel the grooves being worn into your brain after several days of reading the same materials over and over. The meditation also is different than I have experienced before. Meditation in my life prior to this experience has always been brief periods trying to focus or relax. Here we are asked to stay completely still for 15 minutes. I am not sure I have ever intentionally stayed completely still for that long in the past. What I noticed right away was that pain would surface in certain areas of my body. Like a small child begging for attention I would feel my sciatic nerve thrumming or an ache in my shoulder and neck. This was not unbearable pain but it had not been perceptive before the meditation. Having practiced healing meditations before, although brief I experimented with sending healing light energy into these areas. After several days this pain began to subside and out of meditation I noticed those areas feeling better and more mobile as well. I also noticed my mind becoming impatient and even wondering how many more minutes were on the clock. I always used my cell phone as a timer so that I would not need to worry about the time but I still felt myself wondering if I had it the timer correctly or if the phone had been silenced. I found that as the week progressed I got more used to the amount of the time and was able to relax into it more and worry less about the time.

I feel that I am becoming more aware of my higher self through these readings and the meditation. One thing I was quite surprised  with earlier this week was my ability to tap into my memory. On Thursday a co-worker asked me if I could remember a co-workers name that we had not seen for 7 years. I did not know this person well but had met and spoke with her several times back in 2007. She described her to me and I knew who she was talking about, I could see her face but had no recollection of her name. After telling her that I could not remember we both returned to our tasks. Knowing that the subconscious mind remembers everything I closed my eyes at my desk briefly and asked myself what her name was while picturing her face. About 20 minutes later I was getting ready to send a message to another co-worker and the name Marin popped into my head. I knew instantly that that was the name of the girl I had been thinking of earlier and I told my co-worker and she was amazed and got excited as she was trying to get ahold of her for a work related question and she had since moved to a new location and with her name we could look her up in the company directory. She asked if I remembered her last name and I had to again admit that I did not know it.  Again I briefly asked my self what her last name was and continued to work. This time only a few moments passed and her last name popped into my mind and again I knew it was what I had asked. This was very interesting to me because my conscious mind had no clue what the name was but the subconscious mind was able to retrieve it for me after only a short period of time. While not a huge accomplishment I think this was proof to me that I am getting more in tune with my higher self. I am excited to know that I am taking steps to better myself and increasing my potential. I feel that I truly am beginning my new life.

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Sheila - October 6, 2015

You are beginning a new life and I am glad to be on this journey with you. Way to go April. I can’t wait to read your next blog. Sheila

Ed Tolliver - November 23, 2015

Learning to sit still has been a challenge. I have noticed some memories coming back, but not in such a dramatic way as with Marin.


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