Week 4 Master Key – Why Soul Serious

So this week I have done a lot of soul searching. I am not sure that one of the ppn’s I chose is correct. I selected Recognition for Creative Expression and Liberty. Liberty is very near and dear to my heart so that is quite possibly accurate but I am not so sure about Recognition for Creative Expression. The first part of it is what keeps sticking in my mind as inaccurate, Recognition. While I do enjoy recognition for a job well done, I am not sure I really crave it or that it really motivates me. Because of this I think only the Creative Expression is a personal pivotal need and not the recognition. After much thought I am beginning to think that Spiritual Growth is a closer fit. You see, I think my need for creative expression is more about expressing who I am and therefore discovering who I am. For me creative expression is more of a mission to grow spiritually and to find out who I am as I express myself through writing and art. As I think more and more about it I see some major themes in my life regarding spiritual growth. I was raised without the influence of religion. This is both a huge blessing and at the same time it has it’s short comings. Not having religion forced me made me really think about it on my own terms and be curious about different cultures and different religions. I think this has lead me to the truth without the front end political and religious dogma that surrounds most major religions. I was able to develop spiritually through my own insights and while I doubt I will ever truly understand spirituality in this lifetime it has at least left me open minded to many possibilities without being particularly attached to any one conclusion. I am willing to allow everyone to feel and think what they want to and still have my own inner truth that requires no one else’s approval or understanding. That being said I am re-writing my DMP to include my new found discovery of my need for spiritual growth. This course is definitely tough to keep up with, it is not for the faint of heart, and probably not paced correctly for working moms. That being said I am finding creative ways to fit everything in, including recording my own voice saying the scroll so that I can listen to it in the car on the way to work if I am to pressed for time to read it in the morning. I am a very good auditory learner so this works well for me. I also recorded myself saying “do it now” and “I can be what I will to be” on my iPhone and listen to that in the morning and on the way home. I say it out loud with the recording, but having the recording play helps keep me accountable to saying it. I am sure my kids (3 and 6) are getting a good deal of brain washing by this point. They have heard me say scroll one so many times that they are starting to ask questions about why and what some of the things mean… like “are we buying grapes”? On a side note however I think this may be helping my oldest son with his behavior in school. I have noticed this week that he is doing better in school. He is more focused on assignments and listening better in class. This is a huge milestone for us as he has already received 3 referrals to the principal since the beginning of school in September. I have also helped him set some goals on learning his sight words and he has learned more than 20 this last week; which is fantastic. So overall there has been a lot of improvement in our household.  I think with my new ppn I am getting a better understanding of how to write my DMP. In addition I have had some more inspiration on how to make money. An idea came to me this week and I am optimistic that this new idea will turn into something wonderful.

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jeannedmasterkey - October 24, 2015

Very inspired from your discoveries this week. I love that you recorded the different out loud practices to listen to in the car and that your children are being touched by hearing them.

sheila - October 24, 2015

Nice blog. Yes, it is great that you recorded I can be what I will to be, and the most important part is that you say them aloud with the recording. Finding a tool to keep you on track is also awesome.

leighemasterkey - October 26, 2015

How exciting you are seeing improvements with your son! Good stuff.

masterkeydiane - October 27, 2015

What an awesome idea! (recording), And what a cool exploration re changing your PPN!

masterkeyeleanor - October 29, 2015

Love using the recording as a tool. Thank you for that idea. Great post.

masterkeyvic - October 31, 2015

I admire your thouhtfulness and your creative resourcefulness in getting things done. Inspiring post.

Lisa Domingo - November 1, 2015

I think the way you are feeding your kids good thoughts is great! They’ll get conditioned somewhere, why not from you via this course?! =)

Ed Tolliver - November 23, 2015

I have a six-year-old and she is struggling with her sight words. I’ve been using some of the ideas from MKMMA to better connect with her. I have also been reading to her from GS and she’s even asked me a couple times to read it to her before bed.


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