MKMMA 2016 Week1 – The happiest place on earth

When you hear “the happiest place on earth” many people relate Disneyland because it has often been referred to as such. I got to laugh to myself many times on our recent trip to Disneyland look at life through much different perspectives than I did a year ago and I am excited to work off more of my proverbial cement this year while helping others do the same through the MKMMA.

More and more I see my kids picking up the habits that they witness in their world, not just from us as parents but everywhere, and what is more is I can also see them as I once was; blindly believing that they are their things, or that they are what they are doing, instead of just being happy and content with where they are. There we were in Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, a bit upset to be excluded from the Halloween party having planned our trip not knowing of this event, and because it is a separate event they close the park down and reopen it for a second price of admission. So we struggled with just letting that go and enjoy our day which we did quite well, luckily the kids were unaware of the party they would miss out on.

I believe it is because of this that I found a bit of life’s humor in watching them. My son was upset he didn’t get to go on the Indiana Jones ride because everyone couldn’t go and the park was closing soon. We wanted to let him go but it really wasn’t fair because everyone wasn’t tall enough to go. I could see his precious (at least to him) ego of  being what he was doing (or in this case not doing) that was the only he would be happy was if he went on this ride, crashing and burning.

Even after having some delicious Dole Pineapple ice creams, buying all the kids a Disneyland balloon, and a toy each, my son still cried “unfair” with a sob story that he wasn’t going to get subway because everyone but he was a tad bit tired of sandwiches, a staple for a Disneyland trip on a budget. I got an even bigger laugh as after talking him down from being upset and helping him realize how fair his day really was it wound up my wife wasn’t too hungry and we weren’t planning to stop at any location to eat anyway that he was allowed his subway sandwich after all because it wasn’t a big deal any more. There he is manifesting what he wanted and not even knowing it.

Again the next day with his new toy (Kylo Ren lightsaber) and his brother fighting over (what else?) their new toys. We being wise parents took away their new toys thus solving their problem and leaving them nothing to fight over. This helped them to quickly became wise and suddenly willing to share these toys. My point of the whole thing? This month, members of the MKMMA have started a new life, and we can shape it to be whatever we want it to be.

Disneyland can be the most miserable place on earth, just ask your feet after walking around on them all day, with most the rides we wanted to go on closed for maintenance, or  just be happy that there you are in the happiest place on earth, if only you can stretch your imagination a little bit, and enjoy the moment and place you are in by not being too attached to any one thing.

What’s more is the happiest place on earth then does not really rely on a location, but rather a perspective that you hold on the way things should be and the way they really are. When you can let go of the beliefs that things should be this way or that you can start to enjoy and appreciate the way that they are. Only then can you take steps to change things for the better for when you are looking for negative things you find what you are looking for, and fortunately the same thing goes if you are looking for the good.

So for those new members to the MKMMA welcome. I am excited for you and the journey you are about to embrace on.

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master-key-jay-z - October 11, 2016

Great Insights. Thanks for sharing.

MasterKeyNatalieZ - October 11, 2016

…MMMM I’m in my happy place – oh, sorry this post took me to my happiest place on earth 🙂 Thank you for the reminders and sharing your light.

Rhea Sward - September 25, 2018

This reminded me of scroll 1 “As a child I was slave to my impulses”……. thank goodness we are adults and no longer a slave to impulse. Unfortunately, we are a slave to our habits now. Can’t wait to make them good habits!

    Richard Hudson - September 26, 2018

    Thank you for he kind reply. I wouldn’t say it is unfortunate to be a slave to habits, although I would agree changing them is certainly a challenge. Once you develop good habits and repeat them instead of the bad ones being a slave isn’t so bad and as Og says it even becomes a pleasure to perform them. Glad see you on the journey!


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