MKMMA 2016 Week2 – What a week

Week 2 for my wife and I was pretty hectic. We had a trip planned for the Avocado Festival in Carpenteria and a very busy week. Since we both work, and are now guides with the MKMMA we had DMP’s pouring in. Our training had given us a glance at the first drafts, but we were certainly feeling the pressure to keep up with returning them quickly as is expected. Because we are new guides (and a couple, also working with a couple) there was some confusion on lots of little things back and forth. The good news, it happens, and we are growing because of these new challenges. Matter of fact I am late posting our blog for the week because we just had so much going on it was a real challenge to keep up but we made it through. Hoping that like the course as DMP’s get reviewed and re-written that our job as guides will get a bit easier, and maybe even get to connect with the members we are guiding better. Aside from all the effort, I am actually enjoying knowing that we are getting to help others with such an amazing course.

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MasterKeyNatalieZ - October 11, 2016

You got this – remember the progression will work for you too! That beautiful promise of more time and the happy knack. 🙂 Let’s get growing – love the journey

Cherylan Hils - November 5, 2016

I especially enjoyed reading your blog because I’m going through the same thing as a new guide. I’m just now catching up…..it’s my yellow square for the week.

I’m in Orange County and grew up with about 20 avocado trees in our back yard in Yorba Linda……Fuertes. The trees are about 100 years old. The fruit is about to be ready, even though the drought has them a little puny this year.
We all should meet some time. You don’t, by any chance, do grafting do you?

Richard Hudson - November 6, 2016

I buy them usually. Where we live fog and freeze is a big challenge. I usually buy them but yes I believe they are grafted. We love avocados but just been hard to get a tree of our own. Glad to connect. Would like to meet fellow members and guides especially so close to home. We driv


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