MKMMA 2016 Week3 – Hacking our Brain

This week while at work I discovered something very cool. It all started with a book sitting on a shelf while I was working on a computer. The book was titled “Principles of Neural Science”, a title very direct, and to the point for sure. I was interested and intrigued mostly because I have had my interest in neural science greatly increased knowing that we can indeed re-program our brains.

My conversation with the owner lead me to an even more interesting concept. A brain-pacemaker. I had a difficult time imagining what a brain-pacemaker would do, knowing that a pacemaker for the heart basically keeps a heart beating at a rhythmic pace, I inquired if this device would keep your thoughts flowing at a set pace, or what exactly does a brain-pacemaker was capable of?


It turns out it is used for Parkinson’s disease, and yes it is a surgical implant having a battery under the skin in the top left shoulder area just above the heart, and something like an electrode that goes into the brain where it somehow interrupts or modifies the electrical impulses of the brain. Thinking a little on this concept and learning about it I couldn’t help but wonder how far a contraption like this could go. The move “The Matrix” popped into mind where one can literally plug in and be taught something like Kung Fu instantly.


I also pondered the idea of thought modification or control by some electronic implant, something like the Borg from Star Trek’s for a vivid for example, and while I am hopeful this isn’t possible, it is a bit scary to imagine what a device like this might be capable of.


My point? This experience re-enforced to me just how important our thoughts, and perceived individuality, truly are. Here is a Youtube video about the device that even shows the device being turned off and the symptoms returning. Literally a type of switch that can be turned off and on effecting how the brain, and thus the body, performs, and thus the entire body behave differently. Interestingly this is not too much of a stretch in that binary (computer language) is a series of 1’s and 0’s which is essentially switches that are set to on or off. A bit creepy to think that we can now install a switch to control the functioning of one’s brain.

Consider just how power our thoughts must be for something like this to even work. Your brain is literally a flesh and blood computer that has been programmed through all of your experiences, and it can also be re-programmed, if only we take the time to learn how, and then what we want to program into it. A truly amazing power that fortunately, for us, does not require an implant, or even brain surgery. By simply mastering specific techniques, creating new thought patters and habits, we can literally reprogram our brain, specifically our sub-conscious, which as those of us in the MKMMA know can fire 4 billion synaptic connections instantly making decisions for us rather we like it or not. Flight or fight response comes to mind as we don’t even have to think in situations of danger we know instinctively and instantly how to react because our brains are programmed, even hard-wired to do so.

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master-key-jay-z - October 16, 2016

So what happens when you spill your drink on the computer! In the electronic world, that is pretty much the end of things. In the Human computer, there is still hope of repair and healing. I find this brain pacemaker really interesting. As I started reading about it in your blog, I was thinking that maybe something like that if it focused the thoughts like MK wants would be useful to have for myself…I got the thought that you were thinking that same way to start with. We have the tools, we can reprogram our blueprints and move in an new direction. Totally cool. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Richard Hudson - October 16, 2016

    As cool as the idea is to contemplate, we really don’t forget anything as they mentioned on today’s webinar. We have to exchange our old habits (but those peptides don’t like change) with new habits. The good news is we can do that through using our the keeper at the gate of the subconscious mind (our conscious mind) through repetition such as reading Og 3 times a day: “Today I begin a new…” 😉 (I shouldn’t even have to put the last word here and you know it) “life”. That is also why we must not dwell on the old habits (or blueprint) but rather replace them with good habits. It is literally reprogramming the computer between your ears. To me this pacemaker was more scientific proof of how (and that it does) work (our brains work with electric impulses just like a computer). My wife and I got good doses of proof from completing the MKMMA course last year. When you change the things you look at the things you look at change, same with our thoughts. Granted the idea of Matrix style would be faster, but there is the dark side of where that can so I’m okay with the way things are 😉 where we can control it with our thoughts (not a machine) which still works great.

Lee - October 21, 2016

Really enjoyed your blog. The mind truly is an amazing thing and once we learn to master it we truly do open up a new world.
Love your blog theme too, it looks really cool.


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