Lions and Tigers and Cubs

This last month has been a busy one, with the transition of moving to a hosted blog, joining Cub Scouts with a time limit to get my oldest son a badge, working on the MKMMA March to 3000, and joining the MKMMA guide certification I have had my challenges cut out for me. The good news, through persistence great progress has been made. Next weekend my oldest son will be awarded his Tiger rank, and my youngest will be joining a new program called Lions. I find it fitting that this year they have released a new live animation of the Jungle Book movie. I remember going to see this with my dad when I was about my sons age in the theaters and I too was in scouting. Did you know that Cub Scouts originated from Kipling’s Jungle Book? Right down to some of the terms like “wolf cub” “den” “pack” even the scout sign that represents the wolf ears of Akela. While I have been so occupied with working on this with my son, and keeping up with new certification training such as the Color Code, and some of the readings required to become a guide I have felt I am falling short on my participation for the YouTube Task force (MKMMA March to 3000), I did get a rough script idea written down and shared with the group. I am working to visualize what I want to have a video look like while not making it too overly complicated. Trying to find the extra time is a definite challenge but now that my son’s requirements for his Tiger are complete things should wind down a bit there and I can really focus on some of my other post-workday commitments. The picture is of our scout trip to Calico Ghost Town where we got blown away literally and left a day early because the wind and sand blasting was just too much for the campsite. Was looking forward to the campfire too. While we were the first packed and ready to go because we decided early to pack it in, I made sure to run around and help get everyone else packed up. I could tell the help was appreciated and I was glad to be able to be of assistance.


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