MKMMA 2016 Week6 – Right where you need to be

My wife and I have been dealing with new challenges this year but the more we press on the more we realize we are right where we need to be. We worked on cleansing out the garage my wife eager to get a green screen setup to shoot scenes for a kids show we have been working on. It is still a work in progress but we made some great progress. We went through some challenges that really made us question a lot of things recently. To me it only proves that we are always exactly where we need to be. Those challenges that you face that really shake you down to your core beliefs and make you question things only to find yourself strengthened by the challenge you made it through are why life sends you those challenges. Without them life would have no contrast, you wouldn’t be appreciative of the gifts life brings, and hey honestly some people never will be. That’s the best part about it. What you look for you will find. Knock and the door shall be open to you, seek and you shall find. I think Wayne Dyer may have put it best, “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” Looking for that quote I came across another one of his quotes, that goes perfect with Scroll 2 (I greet this day with love in my heart) again life just sending us what we need, as we need it. What a different world we might live in if people could just learn this simple truth contained in this quote. “People need to learn how to respond to each other’s hatreds with love – which is what Jesus taught us, which is what Buddha came here to teach us, which is what Muhammad taught us, which is what all of the great spiritual masters who have ever walked among us who live at those highest energies taught us – responding to force with more force will just create more problems.”

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Raelene - November 6, 2016

Oh boy, shaken down to the core!
I’ve never cried so much in my life as I have going through this process. Thankful that cement is being broken off by the shaking.

Lee - November 7, 2016

Love that quote from Dr Wayne Dyer. Never heard that before but will use it from now on. I guess it’s a more spiritual way of saying something similar to Henry Ford’s quote ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, You’re right!”. They both emphasise that it is our ‘World Within’ that is the most important.

    Richard Hudson - November 7, 2016

    Yes indeed. It all starts between our ears, and what else is there to life other than our perception of how things are?


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