MKMMA 2016 Week7 – the power of intention

Last week I had a pretty cool experience. The College I work at purchased 4 EEG Electroencephalography devices that monitor brain waves. That in itself is pretty cool that we can monitor brain activity with a device right? Well it also analyzes this data with software and it can learn (as you teach your brain to focus) how to understand what you mean by means of your thoughts. That is that what ever you are thinking can be recorded and analyzed by this device and used to control things. Are you comprehending this? Pretty mind blowing right? 

Well the first thing we did was about an hour of playing with this thing to learn (Paul, our first test subject because of his bald head) had to focus his thoughts on how to think about manipulating an object on the computer screen. Push it, pull it, rotate left/right, disappear etc. and sure enough once we had worked with it a while, this machine learning what brain activity (signals) meant push, pull, rotate left/right, disappear, Paul was able to manipulate things on the screen by the power of his thoughts. Something really cool to witness. The point? This relates directly back to skills learned in the MKMMA. Our attention (which direction we want the cube on screen to move) determines our intention (what action the cube does), now again it took some practice in learning how to focus, and determine what action/direction we wanted to achieve as a result, but once we did the results became apparent by this thing on screen actually doing what he was thinking about. He was literally using his brain to communicate with the computer and make an object move on screen. There are other things that can be done too, like fly a drone, or if you have two headsets and a game, once the people have learned to do the “push” control they can literally throw virtual fireballs at each other in a virtual (reminded me of the matrix) world on screen. I know Kung Fu, okay maybe not that far but you can learn to throw virtual fireballs.

The most interesting part, the more he did it the easier it was to do, just about like a habit. While we didn’t get to throw virtual fireballs, the esperience was cool enough and completely validated and reinforced just how important our thoughts really are.

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Karen Pinon - November 14, 2016

That looks like a lot of fun.


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