MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 17

What a busy week. I spent most of my time working on computers or related to computer work and didn’t have a lot of people interaction. I did finish 10 new network line drops today though the final steps of a big project. My youngest son was coughing yesterday so I got to spend the day at home and with him and made sure to take him out for a special treat as well as my oldest son when he got out of school. I am planning to have a special event to blog about week after next however. Today was a long day tired, and going to be getting some family pictures tonight… some sort of special at the local Walmart http://promotionalphotographers.com and soon I will be attending a special Santa convention I am excited about going to that and will make sure to share that here!

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Danny Linkert - January 19, 2019

Sounds like fun Richard!
Looking forward to that Special Event Blog!
Guess there is no rest for Santa. 🙂
Peace Be Your Journeys!

Tilahun - February 17, 2019

Great family picture thanks for sharing


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