MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 18 – Santa’s Everywhere

I just came back from the 25th Annual Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santa’s Silver Jubilee. https://www.silverjubileereunion.com

Ever since I saw that Santa conventions existed I knew I wanted to go to one. As part of my DMP I can now cross that off my list. I got to meet many other Brothers in Red. We had a lot of fun including several workshops such as Ukulele playing (beginning and advanced), Magic of Santa, booking commercial events, better home visits, and even a Mrs. Claus workshop. I made so many new friends and really had a great time with fun, laughter and even tears.

I got to meet two Santas I really admire and who are famous and really felt a connection with everyone in the room. It was like a family a real brotherhood and fraternity.

You might recognize this guy: Santa Timothy Connaghan

And I was really excited to meet this Santa who has mentored me: Santa Ed Taylor

There was an improv murder mystery which I participated in as one of the characters as well as a tribute called the “Last Sleigh Ride” which is basically what it sounds like. Santas saying their final good byes to fellow Santas who passed this last year. It was a real tear jerker even though I didn’t know any of them and I know that will get to me in future years. The PowerPoint slide included the Ukulele version of Somewhere over the Rainbow… which really reminded me of the MKE obituaries and yep I could not hold back the tears as a room full of Santa’s said their final farewells to their Brothers in Red.

I happened to be the youngest Santa in the room so it’s very humbling how much more this will hit home for me in years to come, as I made many new friends and I am already looking forward to seeing them again!

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Danny Linkert - January 29, 2019

What a great occupation to have!
I cannot imagine a better job Richard!
After all, Santa has to unwind after a busy Christmas season and let his hair down, right?

    Richard Hudson - January 29, 2019

    Yes, and we had a great time. Not sure I ever felt the wind down but I am glad to have added that experience to my list of items checked off!

Brenda Yeager - February 1, 2019

Lol and ho ho ho and ha ha ha and hee hee hee. Thanks for representing the power and joy of Belief in a Great and Benign Presence who hears our heart’s desire! Truth and a beard.

    Richard Hudson - February 2, 2019

    It is a wonderful job! I love doing it. Looking forward to many years to come with my brothers in red.

Greg B Simmons - February 5, 2019

Richard –
Thanks for sharing about an organization I had no idea existed. You look happy and fulfilled. It’s a big planet – we need all the Santa’s we can get.

    Richard Hudson - February 5, 2019

    My pleasure, I was a bit surprised to find there are at least 4 groups similar to this and many school/universities etc for Santas too

Michelle Dahl - February 10, 2019

This is so cool Richard! You are the man all kids look forward to at Christmas! This job must be so rewarding and fun! Happy for you! Ho, Ho, Ho!! 🙂

Tilahun - February 17, 2019

Great Santa and happy holy day Richard

Rebekah - February 26, 2019

This is so cool! I didn’t know this even existed but I love it! My virtue is enthusiasm this week and I can see that all through your post about your occupation! Thanks for sharing the photos!

    Richard Hudson - February 26, 2019

    I was a bit surprised myself when I first found out and instantly knew I had to attend one. Now that I have I feel almost an obligation to go again. Luckily next year is also not too far from home and just take it one year at a time. Thanks for commenting. The link on your account doesn’t take me to your blog might double check your settings!


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