MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 21 – Audition and Magic Castle

I got a real treat this week. I not only got to audition with 3 other Santas making new friends in the process but also got to go to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. What a treat that was! I had heard of it and knew it was cool but I was not aware it is an elite club that is a real world magicians guild where a lot of famous people happen to go. We met Irma who is a piano playing ghost and she played several songs at the request of our group (3 Santas) before improv playing Santa Claus is coming to town without a request. The story was she told her husband she would haunt him after she died and the piano started playing shortly after she passed and hasn’t stopped since. The way in was through a bookshelf that slides open by saying “open sesame” and there are regular performances from magicians not to mention the buffet which was the reason for going (lunch) which was amazing and I might add the chocolate chip cookies were some of the best Santa has ever had. Our host offered to take my wife and I back and I will certainly be taking him up on that offer. Fingers crossed that our audition went well and we might also get to be on America Says on the Game show network.

The Magic Castle

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Danny Linkert - February 20, 2019

How Cool is that?!
I see Santa is not all work and no play! LOL
I’ll be watching!

Greg B Simmons - February 21, 2019

Richard – The Magic Castle looks soooo cool. I am sure I will be seeing you sometime early December 25th if I stay looking up in the sky.

rebekah - March 9, 2019

Hahaha I love this!!! got my fingers crossed for you, but we both know you don’t need it.


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