MKMMA 2018 Week 1 – A New Beginning

This last year has brought many changes for me. But the principles, knowledge and changes that came from going through the MKE course really helped me change my mind and brought on newer and better things a real inspiration to my life and the person I am. It was more of a remembering than a change as Mark Davene and their staff will remind you. We were made to be great. As Mark likes to say made first class, by first class, to go first class.

I lost my dad this last year and it was by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I will cover this in more detail in a future post.

Looking back I haven’t posted since Christmas two years ago, but continued down the path following my heart and finding what truly lights my inner fire, being kind to others and hopefully inspiring them to do the same. What better role model could one ask for than Santa Claus?

I am glad to announce that after my first season doing okay with a suit lent to my by a friend (Thank you) I had my own custom made suit made for my 2017 Christmas and my wife Mrs Claus too. As fate would have it I ran into someone at an event where my wife and her friend were selling some of their soaps. As it turned out he was the manager of a huge event in my area called Christmas Town. The owner aka Santa fell ill for about a week and I got to fill in! That was a lot of fun every night and I was told there was a 30 minute wait to see Santa! I was busy all night long several nights in a row and what fun it was. While I’d never wish illness on anyone it sure was fun filling in and I also made a great impression which has brought on bigger things this year.

It just so happens that this year the owner of Christmas Town bought a building that was a go-kart business. He is turning it into a new family entertainment place (with a new slick track and new electric carts) and has the manager from Christmas Town managing it as well. It’s a go-kart place and they want Santa there in a racing suit. Lots of ideas and opportunities dancing in my head as the season draws near.

Needless to say with lots of things happening in my life this year I am stepping up to retake the MKMMA. What a crazy endeavor but I will do everything in my power to plug on through the Christmas Season. It should be a rewarding challenge this being a long Christmas Season. But I am up for it and excited to grow by putting in the effort.

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Danny Linkert - October 2, 2018

Wow Richard!
I knew Santa was busy but I didn’t know how busy! LOL
Sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad to see you pushing on!


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