MKMMA 2018 – Week 16

I find myself in a different world after the Christmas season is over. Seeing Christmas lights and decorations on sale, Valentine’s Day merchandise showing up in the stores, and a week of kindness all MKE members work on collectively. Love to see all the kindness happening, and looking for them. I still feel the old blue print those old habits with their familiar lure tempting me back. I will persist until I succeed though. Those words are some I read not enough during my busy season and I give myself permission to let that go and continue on. I did really well and am back in stride working to change my life and the lives of those around me one act and one day at a time. Most of my day at this time of year was spent in front of computer screens not people updating and working (the grind) but I did endeavor to send a smile, take extra time for family, little kindnesses through out the day. Truly thankful and grateful for the MKMMA and the influence it is having on the whole planet!

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Danny Linkert - January 16, 2019

Updating the naughty & Nice list Santa?
Well done on being the observer and making time to be kind.
Peace Be Your Journey.


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