MKMMA 2018 Week 4 – Persistence and HumanKindNess

This week has been challenging in it’s own way. I am keeping up with most of the MKMMA material, but certainly feeling the pressure of lots of balls in the air (things to do) but I know it will be worth it.

Tonight we participated in a walk for HumanKindNess – More Info

It was really cool to see lots of people from our community showing up to walk for Kindness.

I have been doing my reads but honestly sometimes find it a challenge to fit everything into my busy schedule. Christmas is only 67 days away at this point and lots to do. I am excited to say I have several bookings already and am delighted to serve the community.

Going to keep this a short blog entry as I still need to read, sit anf get… to bed that is.

Blessed be the journey!

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Rhea Sward - October 19, 2018

Walk for human kindness – awesome thing to for you to do!! Giving back is what it is all about. You have to give to receive. Keep up the great MKMMA work!

Danny Linkert - October 20, 2018

Give More, Get More!
Your a Living Legend Richard.
Great Blog!

Tilahun - October 20, 2018

Great blog thanks for sharing the human kindness video Richard


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