MKMMA 2018 Week 5 – Facing Fears

This year has been a challenge for me, Its why I am taking the MKMMA course again. I had written into my DMP some specifics that were out of my control, what I was planning changed dramatically from what I had originally written at no cause of my own. It caused me to reassess and realize that I was relying on things outside of my control, things that I did everything I within my power to make it happen the way I thought I envisioned it, just were not meant to be. Talk about a major blow to the self-confidence, uncertainty and even a bit fear or anxiety set in.

It really challenged me to reassess what my DMP is about. Making me realize I had actually written things that could very well be new chunks of other peoples cement their dreams that I was pursuing dealing with results, results I had no control over dealing with the effects instead of the cause so to speak. Well, I can say I have worked on it and changed it, and am realizing change is okay even necessary and that to get what I really want I will be tested. Wow, have I ever been being tested this year. Details I just don’t want to share online.

I watched a movie tonight called “Keeper of the Keys” I was looking for something. It had a good message and some insight that helped me. One of the people on the show was named Molly Lord. She had seen a space shuttle launch and the first moon landing and decided she wanted to go into space. She applied for the NASA Teacher in Space Program and went through 2-3 cuts in the interview process and was sure she was going to be selected. When she was not selected she felt NASA and divine intelligence had made a mistake. She later watched as the Challenger space shuttle blew apart and realized how when something went wrong, how interesting it is that we are so sure we control our destiny and that there is a partnership with divine intelligence, and without this partnership, we just float and she faced faith.

Tonight I got to participate in a 2-hour free webinar for Santa Clauses. I love getting to participate in things like that, it always helps get my inspiration and motivation going.

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Terry Neraasen - October 27, 2018

Persistence and facing your won particular “dragons” are part of the journey. Congratulations on continuing to move forward!
Terry, MKE Blog Rover

Danny Linkert - October 27, 2018

Great Blog Richard!
It is kind of funny how we feel we have been cheated out of our destiny when in fact we forget that we are only part of a much bigger picture.
Peace Be Your Journey.


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