MKMMA 2018 Week 6 – Much to Do

So much to do I thought I was doing okay, but I had a realization and I am still unsure what to do with it. My realization; I am overwhelmed. I love and want to do so much. I can’t fit it all in. It must be, has to be why I am still wrestling with what I want, being totally honest at times what I and what my family need are hard to distinguish.

We had a cat that was pregnant and dropped off 5 kittens (well 4 of 5) in the engine of our car. We had to jack it up and get them out. The fifth was in a neighbors yard and I wound up retrieving it (they have it locked up like a fortress) luckily I had stopped at Walmart to charge my EV and there was a guy asking to wash my windows, obviously expecting payment if I accepted. Crazy thing just before I got there I was thinking about a guy I see there regularly just asking for help with food for his family. He is always there or at other lots as I see him regularly. It must be working for him or he wouldn’t be there. This other guy was offering to wash windows and had Invisible Glass too not just a cheap window cleaner. Forgetting I had some change I declined his first request, then he came by a second time later mentioning he was hungry. I offered him a salad he said he couldn’t eat it (no teeth) so I offered him a basket of strawberries I had bought from a person I buy from regularly and remembered I have some change from them. I also gave him some cash. We talked a bit and he was surprised how few people were willing to help him. I had seen what looked like the other guy not providing any service look like he got something from several people. I really was wondering what the difference was. Here this guy was offering a service and not getting any help and the other guy who is younger and there regularly seems to be doing much better… Realizing I was treading near an opinion I decided not to pursue it as we are to be opinion-free as part of the MKMMA course.

Anyway, this whole event put e right behind the vehicle I need to talk to help 5 kittens I really don’t have time to take care of either. They need to be bottle fed. So Here I am typing my blog it’s late but it’s getting done with 5 kittens crying in the background.


I just confirmed an event (it will be a volunteer gig) as Santa for a place my family goes regularly, and I put it in my DMP to go there more often also. I also need to go get some supplies for my second Santa suit. Been seeing shapes everywhere, a bit behind on my vision board but I will get it. Good news I am managing to keep up with most of the requirements while life is happening all around me literally 5 crying distracting kittens, 2 dogs, and 9 people in this house… My hands are full.

Oh, and my youngest son decided to give me some of his Halloween candy and a note out of the kindness of his heart. My oldest son also gave me a piece when I thanked him for it. I have some great boys!

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Tilahun - November 4, 2018

Hi Greg, I am Tilahun Blog rover for 2018 MKMMA. Love the kitten story and reminded me my own 10 years a go. Keep on the journey and lots of thing are in store for you and thanks for sharing.

Tilahun Bekele - November 4, 2018

Hi Richard sorry for calling you Greg it was typing error

    Richard Hudson - November 8, 2018

    No problem, I would imagine there are worse things one could be called =)


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