MKMMA 2018 Week 7 – Breakthroughs

As stated by Og, “I have stumbled in pools of self-pity” these last few weeks have been a struggle but I keep going with my daily readings every chance I am able or don’t fall asleep from the exhaustion of just so much going on. I have had some pretty cool breakthroughs happen this week things that effortlessly came to me. They are only a work in progress at this point, but they have some big potential for helping manifest my DMP and they came to me with no effort on my part, literally just going about my regular day and a lead or an encounter for regular duties that turned into a great contact and potentially even a mastermind opportunity.

It amazes me how very easily things flow in the direction of the thoughts you think when you really do focus your thoughts on a specific purpose. Occasionally I have my doubts, fears or worries those negative thoughts we are to so quickly let go brush off like a burning ember the longer they sit the more they burn.

Excited to see the changes happening and with Christmas season fast approaching I find myself excited, and occasionally briefly worried about making everything necessary come together because there are so many things that have to be done for Santa all the little details things Santa would have elves helping with and paying attention to. He has some big shoes to fill, and I am thankful for everyone I am able to have helped me in my journey and transformation.


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Danny Linkert - November 9, 2018

“brush off like a burning ember the longer they sit the more they burn.”
Now there is a mouthful of truth!
Love your post Richard!
Save some some time for you.

Terry Neraasen - November 10, 2018

Good stuff Richard. Focus on the positive and what you want is right on.

Mel Sweeney - November 12, 2018

Effortless breakthroughs, proof can be exciting and draw energy to fuel the fires! Yes, more please!


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