MKMMA 2018 Week 8 – Set Backs

This week I found myself struggling a bit to keep up with everything. I had extra work to do and of course keeping up with work, home, business, and MKMMA can be a welcomed challenge. I had a chance to help some people, and I did more than my gut told me I should, but they seemed desperate and in need. The next day I saw them at a nearby restaurant eating this being clear across town (a $30 plus dollar trip) from where they told me their home was a trip they didn’t have the money for just the night before (I had given it to them so they could get home) and this got me feeling like that they had lied to me or tricked me. I had to let it go and I knew it, I had the intention to let it go, but it still bothered me for some reason. Well, tonight I lost a few gift cards (about 3 times the amount I helped them with) and the only thing I could think was the law of compensation. Much gathers more and loss leads to greater loss. While I had let it go and mostly had some part of me still hadn’t to the point I kept thinking I can’t be such a sucker like that and here I am 3 gift cards shorter than I was earlier. Now let those go too and mentally send a blessing to whoever found them.

I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving and having negative feelings towards others can never bring me success. Those words are front and center in my mind tonight as I continue to manifest positive feelings of gratitude and abundance into my life.

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Danny Linkert - November 23, 2018

Some habits are hard to escape!
An act of kindness never goes un-rewarded.
Your blog reminded me of a quote by Richard Bach.

“How others deal with gifts you’ve given is not your decision, but theirs.”

Grant you, at times this can be hard to swallow. Who knows Richard! maybe their presence there changed the life for someone who would not have received their gift if they were not there.

Just a thought.

Bekele Tilahun - November 28, 2018

Keep giving and you shall receive. Thanks for sharing Richard.


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