MKMMA 2018 Week 9 – Catching Up

I know I am a little behind with my posts, I’ve been busy making things happen though.

The gift cards I thought I had lost, I found them in my wallet. Apparently, I didn’t lose them after all.

I have had several events, working towards making my DMP reality. Tis the season. Keeping this a short blurb in an effort to catch up and keep my promises.

Even though cutting TV was something to do I do watch a little here and there. I need some downtime but I do select what I watch very carefully. The new Santa Claus movie that came out over Thanks Giving Break with Kurt Russel was one of those. I really can’t be Santa and not know about the latest Christmas movie out so it’s technically part of manifesting my DMP!

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Danny Linkert - December 4, 2018

I agree Richard!
Afterall, the man who knows who’s naughty or nice would have to know what everyone, individual or as a group, is doing or has done.
Not to mention if a new Santa movie gives Santa a new catch phrase, then Santa better know it. LOL


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