Week 1 – My MKMMA Experience

It seems a daunting task to even begin to describe my first week in the MKMMA and what I have noticed. Over the last several months my wife and I have been doing a lot of things relating to the power of attraction, the Master Key, affirmations etc. many of which we have listened to through Audible. We have given some things away bought new, donated our time, and been really changing our lives. By opening my mind through the things we have been doing and listening to part of which is taking this course to accelerate this process I have seen things coming to us that are difficult to explain without the law of attraction and the changes in thought we have been working towards.

One thing we have been noticing is coincidences that just confirms to us that we are on the right track, stirring up the universal energy. One such coincidence was with Wayne Dyer’s passing. We were listening to an audio book of his and he was talking about death and dying. We went to eat a a restaurant and as we were there learned that he had just died. Getting back in the car the audio book came back on and he continued to talk about death and energy. We were both amazed that we were listening to this on the day he died.

I had been telling my wife about a new television that I really liked because our has been showing signs that it will soon die, I knew we could not afford it right now but I had been visualizing what I wanted where I wanted it, and my wife and a friend had been talking about Samsung making good televisions. The first night of MKMMA, coincidentally the same night of the blood moon, the TV I had wanted and been trying to tell my wife about for several weeks had one that had been brought back and we believe accidentally marked down more than it should have been confirmed by a clerk mentioning to a manager someone doesn’t know how to write or something to that effect. We got it at almost 50% off a similar TV also recently brought back marked down only a fraction of what this one had been marked down. It was marked down so far I would have been crazy not to buy it and it had been brought in only that day. It was like it was handed to me on a silver platter basically and not only my wife going from not the least interested but to her convincing me we should buy it.

These are a couple of coincidental things, but there have been several, if nothing else just noticing that I feel better personally, while it is still early and challenging to do the daily readings I believe this is beginning to change who I am to a point I am excited to see where this path takes me, each day seeing new things coming to me in an entirely different way than I had previously. I have already shifted my thoughts and can tell a positive difference based on these simple yet profound changes. While it is simple it is has not been easy. Sticking to the list of things day by day can be a challenge especially with kids (and we have 4 total staying with us over the weekend. Writing this and trying to focus in itself is a challenge but fortunately I am learning new skills to help me focus.

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