Week 10 – Today I begin a new life

I took last Wednesday off to get my truck worked on as it was overheating and was ready for a nice long Thanksgiving break starting with some alone time while the kids who were out from school went to day care so mom and dad could have some parent only time. On the way to drop off my truck I saw a guy on the side of the road with a sign. I knew I had no cash in my wallet so gave him the little change I had in my cup holder then looked in my wallet anyway. I had a coupon that came printed with about 4 others on a single box (an obvious machine error for McDonalds’s) but out of that came one of their expensive chicken sandwiches and I had put it in my wallet planning to use it. Give more get more came to mind and without a second thought I gave that to the man as well.

After that the week got difficult and that is an understatement, and it’s not what you would think, not entirely at least. We had two family members on my wife’s side in the hospital, her nieces lost their current home if you can call a hotel room by the local strip join a home (there mom is one in the hospital). We had the nieces over for two days on Thanksgiving after the dad dropped them off with the grandparents to watch without any clothing or assistance and did not show back up to pick them up, this is the other family member in the hospital her mom with a newly amputated leg just above the knee.

The good news out of it my wife got to see the two girls she so wanted to see. We wound up buying them some new clothes (as they had none other than what they were wearing and this is the second time this same scenario has happened) along with some lice shampoo as they both had a new group of friends living on them. Kudos to my wife for the time she spent sifting through their hair.

We had a smoke detector issue where they would go off in the early morning (while we would like to have been sleeping) and every attempt to fix them seemed to work sporadically until the next time we were trying to  sleep 3 different technical solutions none of which worked have left me scratching my head. If you haven’t experienced climbing up and down a ladder and going in and out of the house flipping breakers moving smoke detector to detector while you should be sleeping believe me you aren’t missing much but that is just another fun filled issue. My son today is sick again thrown up and just recently diagnosed strep throat again. We just did this about two weeks ago. Anyway I went to work and 4 people were out today not feeling well or sick.

I had put in 3 times for a job offered and was assured by my hiring manager that there would be no reason I would be refused an interview for the position my wife and I felt I was qualified for. Yet that went by last Tuesday as I learned my boss was doing interviews for that position. Several people were let go 6-12 year employees from my wife work, and processes others are responsible for is being moved over seas. Negative thoughts bombarded both of us abundantly last week. I was just about at my wits end with all the things that had happened and had missed several things I should have been focusing on for the MKMMA through all of this but was still hanging on. My wife asked me have you been doing all your readings? Well I had not and was not happy about it and was even less happy to have her shining a light on it. Then it happened, just what I needed Day 1 of December. Those in MKMMA know this is the day we change our reading and this is what I read “I will Persist until I succeed.” I must say as I read Scroll 3 our assignment for this month I had exactly what I needed right there in front of me.

I just came back from my lunch inspired so I am blogging on the last part of my lunch. McDonald’s had installed new kiosks to place an order, I opted to go old fashioned and have a human take my order. I was given a pager type device that said to place it at my table and that my food would be brought to me. Interesting adoption like Carl’s Jr. has done for quite some time now. As I was getting close to finishing my food I noticed someone opening a trash can and pulled out a Coke that had not even had but a sip taken out of it. He poured the soda on the ground and add it to one of his few bags of bottles and cans he was carrying around. I did something I never would have done before and pulled out the last of my small change to give to him. Unfortunately I missed him somehow as he was not to be found when I left and I even drove out looking up and down the street. With all the things going on and seeing these kiosks (potentially replacing jobs people used to do) I was just in awe of everything I have learned so far in this course and it was all making sense. The strikes for minimum wage to increase perhaps brought on McDonald’s looking for ways to cut cost, many of my wife’s co-workers soon to be out of work, I just felt blessed and thankful for all that I do have in this moment and instead of having opinions form in my head about the things going on around me I was instead asking how can I make these better. I remembered “Today I begin a new Life” and thus was inspired to write. Sorry so lengthy for those tired of reading. Had a lot to jot down and really felt inspired. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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thompsonscott20 - December 3, 2015

Yes my friend, the third scroll is right on time, as it was for me also! I ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where the dry desert ends, green grass grows! Keep hacking away at the mighty oak!

CaroleMasterkey - December 3, 2015

Great blog. Good for you for making it through. Great things are coming. Hope all are ok in your family. I will add them to my prayers. Have a (hopefully quieter) week.

mecadont - December 4, 2015

That is a very inspiring post…….thanks for sharing!

masterkeysaras - December 6, 2015

Thank you for sharing!!! It is the thought that counts!

Debra - December 8, 2015

Hang in there! It sounded like you are focusing on the good and not the bad. Having to take in the kids as a chore was a blessing to be able to see them. Also it was a blessing for them also. They were clean, feed, and loved. Celebrate the positive changes we are all making.

MasterKeyNatalieZ - December 11, 2015

Inspiring. Keep Up The Good Work


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