Week 13 & 14 – Catching Up – Santa was busy!

I missed a couple weeks, but in all reality I didn’t miss it, I was busy making visits with families, scheduling and communicating with potential event coordinators and even taking off to the mountains for a fun event and time with family. I even was lucky enough to spend Christmas Day 100% off of the Internet well over 24 hours maybe even close to 2 days. It was nice. No cell, no WiFi just time to relax and not have to do a whole lot except spend time with family, and be Santa at the R-Ranch taking more trips here with family is another piece of manifesting my DMP!

Mrs Claus and Santa had a great time at Santa’s workshop had a few cookies, and even got to read a story by a campfire before delivering some presents in a one horse open wagon.

The event was a success and we got great feedback and are looking forward to many more seasons as Mr and Mrs Claus!

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Danny Linkert - December 31, 2018

Santa was really busy to get Christmas Day off!
I know with the time zones, no matter where he is he is finished delivering before al awake on Christmas Day.
So I take it the Elves had to take over putting the sleigh and reindeer to rest and clean up?

Nice to see Santa gets to spend quality time with family also.
Happy New Year Mr & Mrs Clause!

Rebekah - January 21, 2019

24 hours without internet is bloody incredible! your inspiring me to do it!
love the dress ups too, you all look awesome!

    Richard Hudson - January 21, 2019

    Thank you! Having the closest WiFi connection be up a hill in the mud made it easier 🙂 that is part of the reason we like going up there because we are forced to unplug a bit. Both of us working in tech careers it can be a challenge to unplug at times.


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