Week 13 – Catching Up

We went out of town for Christmas, out of cell phone coverage and out of wifi (except for one very limited connection which is a hike or drive) it is always a nice thing to unplug. We got an elf on the shelf as well from Santa that was left in the cabin we were staying in. As can be expected he got into mischief and both our boys were not so certain he was real. He had a marshmallow snowball fight with Olaf, was apparently watching my son and parents play chess as he had turned the kitchen into a chess board and had a checkmate move in place, but they seemed to maybe believe in him more after Elsa froze him in the freezer. Both were still pretty skeptical though.


I was able to enjoy Hanel more up there but the kids and elf activity kept remembering the guided meditation a challenge. I did spend time in silence though just enjoying the quite if the mountains at night.

We did get a nice gift Christmas Eve of about 6-8 inches of snow.


I did get off on my Og readings while I was there and definitely slacked off on them. I do much better with them with my regular daily work routine for sure.


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