Week 14 – Back to society

I am writing this in an effort to catch up with past due blogs for MKMMA as I listen to my wife fight the kids who are fighting bedtime. We had a good time in the mountains as always but it’s also added stress on the parents. Luckily my wife brought along new packs of socks as the snow and two boys were impossible to keep separated, and we didn’t try too hard either. But they had a lot of fun. I am back in the swing of things with work and we listened (again) to “The Secret” as instructed. Everything I see now I see with new eyes from the change in perspective from this course. This week was not without its challenges as I was back to work 3 days, the second of which started after a frantic door bell ringing at 2 AM to our neighbors house on fire. This and another not so fun issue I prefer not to bring to public forum.


Luckily everyone was okay save a burn on the wife’s arm. I took her to the ER after helping extinguish the blaze and kill the electric panel as it looked to have become an electrical fire while FD was enroute.

I also disposed of 5 pallets yep pallets of electrinic waste, computers, monitors, old electronic junk and made way for new units in some of our labs. Got all the boxes in place by day 3 for 68 new units to be in place and most of the old moved to storage or recycled as well. Very productive week and a well deserved weekend. My oldest son actually managed to stay up until midnight on New Year’s a first for him. Bed was not long after enjoying blowing a toy horn though.

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Michael - January 9, 2016

You are a very able person to have for a neighbor! Comendations for a quick rescue of your neighbors home and more importantly family!
Very well done!


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