Week 15 – Back to the Grind

This week was a 3 day back to regular work, no longer a famous bearded guy in a red suit. Believe it or not there is actually a kind of almost depression some Santa portrayers experience. When Dec 25 and then New Years hits popularity for that guy just nearly disappears. I have been learning more about the business of being Santa and am now facing what is really a bigger challenge. The season made it almost imperative that I focus and make sure things happen. There’s a lot on the line and to do a good job you have to be prepared and be good at juggling a schedule, many schedules even for many people hoping your service might find it’s way to their home or business. Well I did so well this year I had 2 requests already to book for next year. And to really do what I want I am going to have to go bigger, I want to be the most authentic portrayal of my character possible and the best way to do that is keeping up my positive Santa attitude all year long. What would Santa do? It was a phrase that had come to my mind and I have some great ideas to use it with, then I heard a Santa say it. I was amazed how in tune he and I are with our philosophies and paid for his online course. Really a great investment that helped make me become a great Santa, a lot of the ideas that I had I saw other Santas already doing and I got more excited because I was not the only one. I have come to join several groups and am planning to go on a trip to mingle with other Brothers in Red! More on that in another blog post!

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Pam Plager - January 5, 2019

What a wonderful blog about bringing the spirit of Santa with a focus that is keen and directed. I would hire you!

Danny Linkert - January 5, 2019

Awesome Richard!
I always wondered what Santa did come the New Year.
I think I can relate to the feeling as being in theatre after the production ends, one is so wound up that winding down cane painful.
Great to have the Red Brotherhood to mastermind.

Jennifer Hunter - January 10, 2019

Great to know there are others out there striving to keep the spirit of Christmas alive through the whole year.


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