Week 15 – Who is that kid in the mirror?

Every time I ever hear anything about Ben Franklin I am always interested and intrigued. I once took a personality test that revealed my personality type among the rare 1% that he, Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, and other great thinkers were included in and while I was a bit proud to be included in this list I have not pursued this part of me perhaps over the years of life’s failures perhaps.

Our MKMMA is adding a twist to an exercise that I had not even realized Ben Franklin had done. Did you know he essentially created a paper version of a spreadsheet back in his day? He tracked looking for viper tunes in day to day life. I have already started on this exercise and while I have not had a lot of time to observe others as my work leaves me un-boxing (spell checker doesn’t like that word), and opening almost countless bags and boxes. My choice for this exercise this week is well-organized.

I noticed one thing opening and prepping monitors and thin clients for installation that is usually just a hassle. Every single one is well organized exactly in the same way. While I always took that as simple fact looking for it it appears. Each monitor cable had a cap on both ends, a foam protection wrapped with a rubber band, and a plastic cover with a twist tie at each end. Another twist tie holds the cabling together. Very well organized indeed and still a hassle when I boxing 70 of them.

A little share here, my youngest son gave me an insight on how we should be to the man in the mirror. A little fun with the man in the mirror. When he saw this mirror ran up to it and gave it a hug. I was quick enough with my phone to capture some of this moment.

So glad to have a different perspective thanks to MKMMA to truly appreciate moments like this.

Also on one of my first blogs I mentioned we got a new tv and how that came to us seemed a great confirmation of the law of attraction. Well while the project got put on hold over the holidays a bit that plan now will need to come to fruitition as this same 4 year old just made a giant paper weight of our old TV.


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CaroleMasterkey - January 8, 2016

Great stuff. Love the pictures.


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