Week 16 – Surprise It’s Kindness

This last week one of our MKMMA assignment has been to look for kindness. I have to say a week looking for kindness made it show up in some of the least expected locations. Places that might normally have been seen in very different ways. A quote from Wayne Dyer comes to mind and a picture we have in our home.


This week things that might normally have been irritating or ignored came into light. Like someone helping another across the street, the one I was about to drive on, all of a sudden became an obvious act of kindness I was able to participate simply by stopping and observing, being in the now, if you will. While most of my day was left to installing equipment, and having more to do than I could I willing took an offer for help when it was offered and because of it came much closer to meeting a completed job. While there are minor things to finish now before school starts next Tuesday all rooms are pretty much ready to go. The 100 laptops we planned on upgrading can be upgraded a few at a time in the coming weeks and also be completed. A small change of how to look here too was very helpful.

My wife is off performing an act of kindness right now picking up fresh produce from others who were willing to grow it. Thank you too abundantharvestorganics.com for growing such great food for us to eat. Thank you Mark and Davene for the kindness of developing the MKMMA course it is truly an amazing thing to be a part of and I want to help share it with others next round. I just have had more gratitude this week too looking for kindness. One morning I even saw real beauty as the sun was about to come up.


I think this is because of my amazement to someone I barely but am glad to know now for stopping by our home on a trip he was on even after loosing time to a tire blowout just to sit with us, and ask us what he could do for us. This is someone I saw in a different light also. He was out working to lromote his business but also taking a moment of kindness to stop and listen. I hope he took my words as kindness because he asked what he could do to help us and after he left things started pouring into my mind that I messaged him. I struggled with rather I should or not a bit because I thought some might be hard to hear, and maybe even some are things that can’t be changed. I found telling him helped me to think of how I would do things differently and to see him as someone who cared enough to ask and so I messaged him a big thank you for making us feel important. You know who you are if you are reading this.

Looking forward to the following weeks of MKMMA.


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CaroleMasterkey - January 17, 2016

Wonderful blog. This week has been wonderful, something we should continue to do. The world is truly beautiful if we look at the right things. Have a great Sunday

    richiinet - January 17, 2016

    Yep, and the crazy part is that it’s so obviously right in front of us all the time. It’s just up to us to exist in the reality we wish to create.

carycpamkmma - January 17, 2016

Enjoyed reading your blog!

masterkeysaras - January 17, 2016

Beautiful blog! i too started noticing that kindness is all around us constantly. We just forget to look.


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