Week 17b – Taking Initiative

This last week I chose “taking initiative” as the virtue I was looking for. In doing so I found myself doing just that. At work we have a Sea-Train that my boss has been told to get rid of. It is one of two area where we store spare equipment. For the most part it serves as a dumping ground and I seem to be the only one that makes any effort to organize these areas. Hearing that this one may be going away means one location not two possibly to have to maintain. Worst case my boss may be able to keep it and if so then it may wind up closer to the other storage area. This would make managing it a lot easier. I took initiative on this as he is in a kind of denial to loosing this storage and I don’t want to have to feel rushed trying to clear it out. I have moved the items over including shelving to reduce how much we store and really making decisions as to wheat is useful and what is not. In doing so I was also able to donate a lot of the equipment to our engineering program so students can reverse engineer them a bit as they think about what has to go into the design of things like this and bringing thoughts into reality quite literally. 

This was the most profound thing as it took lots of small efforts each day to progress to nearing completion. I also notice taking initiative on other occasions through out the week where otherwise I would not have appreciated them as much. 

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mkdeanna - January 31, 2016

Taking initiative. Great work!!

Charlottes Masterkey - January 31, 2016

Interesting how one word with focus can change you just a little bit..
I had the same word this week 🙂
Thank you for sharing how you used you word 🙂

Michael James - February 6, 2016

I also had the same word this week but I didn’t get as good of result as you. Keep up the good work.

masterkeymartin - February 9, 2016

Well done on taking initiative, “doing it”, and persisting.


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