Week 2 – MKMMA

This week has been a true challenge. Having extra kids and extra events going on along with most of us getting sick, myself lucky enough to avoid it, but nonetheless enough extra burden that made keeping up with MKMMA a truly challenging feat this week. The good news I have managed to keep up with pretty much all of it missing only a few requirements here and there. What am I noticing is the small things really matter. The more I keep up with the readings, and these thought changing exercises the more I am realizing the layers of clay of my golden self buried within. I can totally relate with Mark as he says he had trouble with his DMP. I am definitely a control freak freaking out. I can feel my mind resisting the readings at times as the repetition can really be tough to keep up when I do I double down when I can even start over. I had to move 4 times at lunch the other day to get a quiet place unobstructed by sprinklers that came on and everything else and I am seeing the value though and while never really as focused as with this program I have unknowingly tapped into some of these teachings of forming good habits. I am always looking for ways to do things better, trying to understand how things work and where improvements can be made. While I am a computer tech I find writing scripts to automate or make changes to make life easier or reduces steps in a process can make life easier. So amazing to me that we can program our own mind. I feel this program is like taking something I had molded into a shape almost like a blacksmith making a weapon. I had formed a shape out of my habits but until the impurities are removed, and the metal pounded it into shape, heated, tempered, and finally sharpened and polished with focus intention (essentially the reading of these scrolls) you do not have anything special. I am grateful to be a part of this program and despite the challenges of this week I am still committed to sticking with it if not even more so than before. We had a vendor working with us on a difficult problem. I was able to talk to him and I could tell he was truly frustrated and I told him to just relax and enjoy the moment as he was waiting on other people to be able to complete a job he thought would be a quick fix. It turned into a whole day fix that still was not what he had hoped for or was really happy with but that is how it goes sometimes. My changed perspective is helping me not only to change my attitude but to offer sound advice to others as well.

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masterkeyrea - October 11, 2015

Hello, I’m a classmate and will visit everyone’s BLOG today. So this
Message is brief. Glad to be on the journey with you. I offer any help which
I can render.
Thank You
Robert Rea

JustinLeaderMasterKeyJourney - October 14, 2015

Forming good habits……ahhhh. Great insight into yourself. Enjoy the struggle its you forming new habits chipping at the cement. Great Post Richard.


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