MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 21 – Audition and Magic Castle
I got a real treat this week. I not only got to audition with 3 other Santas making new friends[...]
MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 19&20 – Off Season
I got an invite from a group I am in to audition for a game show. I will be headed[...]
MKMMA 2018-19 РWeek 18 РSanta’s Everywhere
I just came back from the 25th Annual Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santa's Silver Jubilee. Ever since I[...]
MKMMA 2018-19 – Week 17
What a busy week. I spent most of my time working on computers or related to computer work and didn't[...]
MKMMA 2018 – Week 16
I find myself in a different world after the Christmas season is over. Seeing Christmas lights and decorations on sale,[...]
Week 15 – Back to the Grind
This week was a 3 day back to regular work, no longer a famous bearded guy in a red suit.[...]
Week 13 & 14 – Catching Up – Santa was busy!
I missed a couple weeks, but in all reality I didn't miss it, I was busy making visits with families,[...]
Week 12 – Manifesting my DMP
This week has been busy. Between work and Santa events the next two days I have 5 events, and I[...]