My Future Interview

Them: How does it feel to finally have achieved your definite major purpose?

Me: At one time in my life I would have described this feeling as unbelievable. However once I learned and began to truly believe that I could change my life I began to do it.

Them: How did you come across this?

Me: Well, as all things come about it starts with your thoughts. I knew there had to be more to life than what I was living, what I was doing, I knew there had to be a better way and I was looking for it and open to pretty much anything that sounded good. Honestly though the how is not nearly as important as the what, and what is not truly enough. What is important is the constant repetition, the daily commitment to being focused and dedicated towards your major purpose. I had looked so many things the last place I looked I found it, once you find it you stop looking right? Well it turns out this place is the same for everyone and it is the simplest thing it is all around us. I see it so clearly now as the title of one of my inspirations Wayne Dyer titled one of his books “I can see clearly now” I began finding this hidden message in pretty much everywhere. The real power comes from within, looking within, believing in yourself, and mostly doing it. Without self-confidence, determination, and persistent action though you may as well not even try.

Them: So you are saying that most people shouldn’t try this?

Me: No not at all, as a matter of fact I think everyone should, everyone needs to. More and more I find myself talking like a spiritual teacher and it is hard to believe it but that too is something I have brought into my life. You literally become what it is you think about, if you want something, anything, then where are you really, where are you truly at? Are you in a place of having that thing or of wanting it? You can’t be in a place of having it because you are focusing on wanting that object rather than believe that you can have it, that you deserve it, now I don’t necessarily mean entitled to it because that is something that I believe has gotten us in trouble today, so many people feeling entitled to something often without expectation of giving back, or just taking, is why we have a huge national debt, so many people on welfare, banks failing, etc. But there it is again isn’t it that believing they are entitled to it and many people getting a check paid for by tax payers or future tax payers, and the debt if it is to be paid off would have to go to our children, and the job holders for whatever reason often do not believe they are entitled to that kind of thing. For so long they have been taught go to school, get a good job, work the 40 40 40 plan. Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking it, and I’m not saying everyone should go get on welfare, just that it shows that what you focus on you bring in your life, and if we focus more on taking or giving, it is our choice, and our choice creates the world within and that absolutely must by the laws of nature, of god, the universe, whatever you prefer to call it become the world outside of us. There really is not anything that comes about in life that was not something that started as a thought.

Them: So you are saying all you have to do is think of something and it will happen?

Me: No. Once again that is the beginning Thought, driven by emotion that becomes a belief determines your actions, and your actions are what get you the results and the situation you are in. There really is no one to blame but yourself. The situation you are in is because of your thoughts and beliefs and the decisions you made, sometimes at a young age perhaps parents decisions, but each of us has the ability to decide how we feel about their decisions and form our own thoughts and beliefs based on those past actions, how these things made us feel certainly is a driving force whatever the circumstance and we either went with it or went against it because of our perception of the world.

Them: Surely there are times everyone has a bad day, there is construction on the way to work, or you have car trouble any number of things can happen to cause you to have a bad day.

Me: Yes, but they can also cause you to have a good day, and it is all a matter of your perception of these events. Let’s just say for instance you do get caught in construction, or there is an accident on the road or something. Can you do anything about it, anything at all?

Them: Well, no.

Me: So does stressing out about it, picturing all the things that aren’t going to happen as a result, or maybe the things that will happen, rather it’s your boss being angry at you, or an important meeting you can’t make it to, whatever it is those things are not happening to you yet. So my advice would be to just let it go. Live in the moment maybe make a phone call, send the email or text to let someone know I’m late and then just relax and let the day play itself out. Maybe you have to adjust your plans a bit but that is life. You can decide to let events that happen stress you out, worry about them, concentrate on those things you don’t like, that you don’t want and sure enough you will be right there the whole time, or you can choose to relax maybe look at the scenery while you are there stuck in traffic, reflect on how nice a day it is, how you now have 15 minutes of time where you can just sit and relax instead of stressing about a meeting, or maybe you weren’t ready for it and you can run through your note, who knows maybe something else happened and delayed the meeting you have no way of knowing yet if you aren’t there but stressing about it certainly won’t help.

Them: No I can see your point. So tell me how is it that you have drawn all this into your life, you certainly didn’t always live this way, a nice home, an amazing garden, time to travel different places, where did it start?

Me: Well, it started with me giving more, as I started to really stop focusing on me, and how things were happening to me, or what others were doing to me, and this is more about how I felt and believed than anything, as I started to give more and be willing to just give love to not worry about fixing an issue, but to have a good attitude doing it and I mean really have a good attitude doing it, I worked in IT and sometimes feel like a lot is expected of me, and it was, it really was from my perspective back then, that I felt I could not ever get it all done, that I was the one that had to fix things, that people didn’t appreciate how much I had to work just so things work for them, you know people really don’t notice all the things that work correct with technology, they really expect it to work, they call on IT when it isn’t working or is broken, and are in a mindset of wanting it to just work, and they are frustrated and that frustration can come right to the tech at times so it is a difficult job, but taking that and just letting it not get to you, and realize that they have an expectation of things working and just being able to be better prepared for this maybe it is having an extra computer ready in case one fails, or something like that where you can be ready to respond to the issues they are having, remind them you are there to help, and that you will do everything you can to help, sometimes even just clarifying with them what they are saying because maybe they are saying one thing and as a tech you hear what they are saying or assume they are right, people can often say things that aren’t true and not realize they are saying it, like my computer has a virus or it just isn’t working, or things like that, and it might be something simple like their internet isn’t working because they bumped the off button on the Wi-Fi, things like that where if you just take a minute to really understand the problem, hear their complaint, not take it personally, remind them, and for me, remind myself I am there to help and even their problem cannot make me have a bad day, my decision on how I choose to perceive and react to the situation is all I can control. While I had always strived to have a positive attitude to others sometimes it felt like an act, it wasn’t until I really started believing that I could change my beliefs that I started having these significant changes that have brought me to where I am today it was this looking inside, and further asking myself am I doing what I truly love and working toward that as often as possible through new daily habits that I finally broke through and because of those newly developed good habits that is why I am where I am today.